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Danone Waters is constantly innovating to find new ways to inspire healthy hydration for life, for everyone. Water is vital to our health and well-being; yet scientific studies show that we don’t drink enough of it. We promote healthy habits by making it easier and tastier to stay hydrated. 

We provide what we believe are the best natural mineral, flavoured and juicy waters, while maintaining respect for the environment and local ecosystems. We protect our water sources by working closely with local communities and non-government organisations. We’re reducing our impact on the environment by making our bottles lighter, transporting them to the UK by rail wherever possible and by reducing waste at our factories. 



We believe in hydration, and we help promote it through a combination of consumer campaigns and groundbreaking research.

Our iconic water brands evian, Volvic and Badoit make healthy hydration an easy choice for consumers. In the UK, our brands have a key role in some of the country's biggest events, whether it's elite sports like Wimbledon or endurance challenges like Tough Mudder. 

Danone founded the global forum Hydration for Health (H4H), a network of more than 150 scientists and public health representatives from around the world. For the last five years, we have been sharing the rapid progress made in research on hydration and its positive impact on health, in order to promote widespread adoption of healthy and natural hydration for the body.

In the UK, Danone Waters is a founding member of the Natural Hydration Council (NHC), a not-for-profit organisation which works with leading public health and nutrition experts to shape educational campaigns on hydration. 

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A third of soft drink consumers don’t enjoy the taste of plain water so we offer a variety of options to suit every taste, including still and sparkling waters, flavoured, juicy and sugar-free beverages. Volvic Touch of Fruit contains on average 50% less sugar than most carbonated and fruit based soft drinks which don’t use sweeteners.

What’s more, we’re constantly working on our recipes to find ways to reduce sugar without impacting taste.



Hydration is important for everyone, particularly children. 60% of an adult's body is water but it makes up 75% of a baby's body. That's why it is especially important to keep children well hydrated.

We believe the key to getting children to drink more water is making it fun. That's why we've teamed up with inspiring brands like Mr Men and Marvel to create kids' bottles which children find really appealing. 




Danone Waters is committed to protecting the environment and we're stepping up our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. All our waters are naturally sourced and we have founded world-renowned protection agreements to ensure their surrounding areas remain free from pollution for future generations.

 Since 2008, we have reduced our carbon footprint by 40% by reducing the weight of our packaging, increasing rail transportation, reducing waste and increasing recycling at our factories.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We're constantly striving to make our production and packaging better for the environment. One way we do this is by making lighter bottles; another is by using recycled PET where possible. What’s more, 100% of all our bottles are recyclable.