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We are a global alimentation company promoting good health as a state of general weel-being for both mind and body.
Operating in over 140 countries and exceeding 21 billion in turnover.
Food and nutrition are key to building and sustaining health and well being for all.
The Danone 2020 initiative will transform our company. Positioning us to respond to major trends and social challenges - including the central issue of alimentation. 4 division : Fresh dairy products, early life nutrition, waters, medical nutrition.
A company supported by nearly 1000.000 men & women.
A company connected to 900 million consumers.
At every point in their live, Danone is there...
The connection between the economic and social spheres : 70.000 employees from health cover that meets Dan'cares standards.
100.000 employees share the 4 Danone values : enthusiasm, humanism, proximity, openness.
100.00 men and women & 1 culture : reponsiveness, commitment, autonomy, proximity, agility, dialogue, sharing, pragmatism.