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Developing leaders



Danone is a people business and we believe our people are investors. Their time, skills, expertise and energy is invested day-to-day in building and growing our organisation. Offering opportunities to learn and develop for everyone is at the core of Danone's values and beliefs. Learning is a fundamental growth business driver.

2. Leadership Development Opportunities


All Danoners are encouraged and equipped to have the mindset of being forward thinking leaders, to bring breakthrough results and to overcome challenges faced day-to-day on the job. Learning opportunities are targeted and specifically designed to be valuable at different levels of experience and towards creating a unique culture of leadership behaviour and competency that is integrated into all facets of the business.


We believe that learning is as individual as you are: Your outcomes, your journey and ways to achieve them defines your learning and development plan. Everybody is supported by their manager to build a meaningful development plan that is regularly reviewed and updated. Business development needs are also identified, as part of our strategic plan, from the outset. A blended learning solution supports the approach that 25% of learning takes place prior to a learning activity, 25% during the learning activity and 50% takes place on-the-job.


We believe that learning takes place more often in what you do day-to-day, than sitting in a classroom. We recognise and help you to build on what you learn, encouraging a range of different ways to achieve your objectives. Learning at Danone includes learning from experience (from what you do every day), exchanging with others (networking, coaching, mentoring, sharing etc.) and more formal training sessions (including Danone Academy). Danone Academy brings Danoners, internal and external experts together from around the world to be inspired and learn together - in person and digitally. Our rule of thumb is that you deploy this approach to learning, on a ratio of 70:20:10, as this has proven to be a more effective way to learn.


Everyone at Danone is expected to take responsibility for their own learning. Learning is amplified through relationships: sharing, collaborating and coaching are at the heart of how we learn in Danone. Our leaders and people managers are developed as coaches to support their teams in planning, evaluating and embedding their learnings. On top of this, our dedicated in-house learning team work with our people to ensure that every learning experience adds value, whilst creating great experiences.



I joined Danone in Ealing as the UK Logistics Manager, my background was UK logistics. After three different roles in Danone UK - which really served to broaden my functional experience across the full supply chain scope and my leadership experience across the business - I found myself in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on my first mission in a global role that lasted two years and took me to 30 different countries all around the world.


One Learning a Day

At Danone, we believe there are learning opportunities everywhere and everyday to help us grow. One learning a day is our ambition for people growth. Learn more about our ambition here: