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Our partners

Danone's researchers work with around 1,500 scientists who are experts in their fields. Their specialist subjects include nutrition, physiology, immunology, neurology, microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry, food safety and sensory sciences.

Nearly 200 partnerships worldwide

Danone Nutricia Research has initiated scientific collaborations to exchange knowledge on a wide range of key topics. These include pathogenic bacteria, probiotic bacteria, allergies, immunity, infection and inflammation in chronic diseases. Other key topics include cognition and neurosciences, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, as well as hydration factor in the prevention of obesity.

One of Danone Nutricia Research's first notable partnerships was with the Pasteur Institute, which promoted a fruitful exchange of knowledge between researchers on pathogens and probiotic bacteria.

Shortly after, a partnership with the Pharmaceutical Sciences Institute of Utrecht in The Netherlands, enriched Danone's existing knowledge on the role of nutritional ingredients in the fields of allergy, immunity, infection and inflammation. Danone Nutricia Research has also carried out studies in cognition and neuroscience with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston and the University of Amsterdam.

With the INRA (France), Danone Nutricia explores how early intestinal microbiomes can predict immune diseases. Danone Nutricia also collaborates with universities around the world including Rush and Yale Universities in the United States.



By collaborating with experts around the world, Danone has been able to focus on high-priority issues including prebiotics, probiotics, intestinal microbiota (gut flora), nutrition, bone health, cardiovascular health, immunology and neuroscience. The results of these scientific collaborations are communicated at international scientific conferences. They are also published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals following recognised scientific requirements.


One of the very first and most remarkable partnerships was when Danone Nutricia Research and the Pasteur Institute joined forces  in 2000. This collaboration promoted a fruitful exchange of  knowledge between Institut Pasteur's experts in pathogenic bacteria and and Danone's experts in probiotic bacteria.



World Kidney Day is a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and  the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IKF). Danone Research is a Partner of the European Society of the Study of Obesity (EASO) and member of the EASO Healthy Hydration Working Group.

In 2012, Danone Research wanted to extend its collaboration with CIRAD and signed a three year partnership also associating the Agropolis Foundation.

This broad project is enabling Danone to carry our a number of studies in nutrition across the world, as well as more specialised research on food changes in India and Indonesia.