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Longer, healthier lives

Longer, healthier lives

Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition is driven by a powerful purpose: to pioneer nutritional discoveries that help people live longer, healthier lives. Nutricia works closely with the scientific community to develop evidence-based Foods for Special Medical Purposes that deliver positive and proven differences to the health of patients of all ages.




Medical nutrition: live better at any age

With a proud heritage that stretches back over 120 years, Nutricia supports patients across a broad range of medical conditions, enhancing recovery or improving quality of life.  We do this not only through specific nutrition management but also through the wide range of support services that we offer. For example, we work in the field of inborn errors of metabolism where we develop a range of highly specialised nutritional products for the children and adults with these rare diseases. To support these patients further, Nutricia organises events where families can connect with each other and share their experiences.

As our population ages, many more are becoming vulnerable to the effects of old age, including frailty and disease. Nutricia recognises that a healthier old age can have benefits for both elderly people and for governments and healthcare authorities, which is why we’re working hard to raise awareness of the role of nutrition in supporting the health of elderly people, helping them to maintain their independence for longer.

The Medical Nutrition business aims to:

  • ensure that nutrition plays a key role in healthcare
  • deliver a paediatric range that supports infants and children affected by metabolic disorders, faltering growth or allergy
  • support those who are hospitalised, recovering or undergoing medical treatment. Over half of activities are dedicated to supporting the nutritional needs of elderly people, with specific health needs.